The Different Types Of Wood Fences In The Market That You Should Explore First Before You Buy

There was a time in recent years when people shied away from erecting wood fences around their properties. Some attributed this to the concern for the environment, while others preferred other materials to wood. However, you will find that more and more people gravitate towards wood fences. Today, you will find that designs for these fences have stepped a notch higher. In fact, when compared to other designs wood is more aesthetically pleasing and gives a Rustic feel to your compound when the right design is selected. Go and check out our post about the to get a good Five reasons for high quality fence in Houston, Texas.fence-470221_1280

Nowadays, you can have your design of choice when you walk into any hardware store. This article explores the variety of wood fences out there and how they compare against one another.

The first option is the pressure treated wood fence panels. When you have an organic material like wood exposed to the elements, it will eventually get damaged by the elements. Moisture in particular will result into the wood rotting and thus will necessitate it getting replaced. This is a costly endeavor. That is why it is important that every wood panel you buy be treated. These wood panels will usually be green and fade with time. When you have this particular type of wood, albeit factory treated, you should take steps to treat it as well. To this end, sealer or stain will work perfectly.

Redwood panels have surged tremendously in terms of popularity. Their natural red color ensures that attractiveness is maintained. Not only are these wood panels attractive, but they are also resistant to insects and mildew. They repel any critters that would seek to compromise the wood and damage it. While this natural defense is enough to ward off any disastrous organisms, it is important that you still take care of it by oiling it or painting it with a coat of shellac.

One of the most popular panels is the cedar panel. They are very rot-resistant and long-lasting when taken care of well. There are two types of cedars on the market: Northern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar.
background-2045379_1280After you have selected the type of panel that you would like to erect, it is time to select the design. The first design you should consider is the flat top design. This design features a dog ear and is one of the most popular designs out there. It is around five feet in high and used to contain pets and young kids. It is has the added advantage of being capable of controlling noise as well.

The second design is the shadowbox panels. They are very versatile in terms of design and have very compelling frames. They are ideal for large and very open spaces.

Finally there are the spaced picket wood fences. This design is popular worldwide because it is provides for a quaint atmosphere. It is recommended for small yards.